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Agriculture Loans, Built For You

Modern Terra specializes in farm mortgage loans and land loans to help ranchers, farmers, and landowners across the United States fund operations.

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Agriculture Loans

Refinance or Purchase

We specialize in a wide range of fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and variable-rate farm loan products to help farmers and ranchers across the United States refinance or purchase new land.

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Bridge Loans

Short-Term Interest Only Payments

As past farmers ourselves we understand the demands of the farming industry and how cyclical it can be. Bridge loans can help short-term with improved cash flow, lower debt payments, and help avoid selling or foreclosure.

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Revolving Line of Credit

Tap into Your Land Equity

Tap into the equity in your land to help fund capital and operating purchases. If you secure an operating line of credit, you will have the freedom to use your funds for any business purpose.

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We handle the financing, so you can focus on your farm

We work with farmers and ranchers across the United States on properties of all types, including:

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Refinancing or expanding?

Whether you are refinancing or expanding, we can customize a farm loan to fit your unique situation.

Our team helps walk you through the process and recommends the best financing solution that can help build a better tomorrow for your business.

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We understand the challenges many agriculture businesses face, and you do not have to face those challenges alone.

Whatever your need, we make it easy to apply for agriculture loans online, over the phone, or face-to-face at our office. We also offer refinancing loans to help replace your current loan obligation with more favorable terms.

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Complete your information and we'll reach out by phone within 24 hours to see if you pre-qualify.

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We will review your financials, learn about your farm, and find the best loan options to meet your needs.

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