Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly-asked Ag Lending questions.


How do I begin the application process?

You can email, call or submit an inquiry through our website. To begin the application process, we need to receive a completed application, three years of tax returns, and a current balance sheet from all borrowers.


Do you require a certain type of collateral for a loan?

We specialize in loans that are agricultural real estate-based.


Do you have a minimum loan size?

We work primarily with established farmers and farm investors looking to purchase, refinance, or expand their current farm operation. We provide farm loans from $500,000 to $100,000,000.


I lease my land to a farm operator and do not work the property myself. Am I eligible for your farm loan?

Yes. All types of property owners, investors, and farmers are eligible for our farm mortgage loans.


What farm loan options do you have available?

Our loan products are designed to provide flexibility to our customers by offering a conversion option, a split loan option, a season loan option, and no prepayment penalties.


What is a split loan option?

A split loan option gives our borrowers the freedom to split a loan into multiple parts. The split loan option allows borrowers a combination of lower interest expenses like shorter-term rates provide, yet the security of long-term rates. To learn more, contact one of our loan specialists for details.


I have accounts payable, car loans, student loans, and a mortgage with high interest rates and payments. Can you help me consolidate the debt?

Yes. We have options to consolidate various types of debt into one new farm loan with a low interest rate.


What are the semi-annual and annual payment dates?

For the semi-annual payment dates, you can choose either January 1st and July 1st OR April 1st and October 1st. For the annual payment dates, you can choose any one of the four dates.


I currently have a farm mortgage in place but I need additional financing for operating, can you help?

Yes. We offer several solutions, including a real estate-backed line of credit with a 10 year draw period and/or a refinance of your current farm mortgage.


What are your interest rates?

Interest rates will vary depending on the loan product you choose and other factors. Please contact a loan representative to receive current interest rates.


Are there any prepayment penalties?

There are NO prepayment penalties on our loans, meaning you have even further flexibility by having the option to pay off or refinance your loan early without financial penalty.


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